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Helping people start and operate their own business is essential to having a flourishing and thriving community. Often it is the major corporations that receive tax breaks, funding and incentives from City, State, and Federal authority. Entrepreneurs need more resources to help them launch their business. Half of the businesses in Michigan are small businesses. Detroit is one of the top cities for startups, and low start-up costs, including labor cost and human availability, but ranks low when it comes to access to business resources. As State Representative I will support initiatives to assist small businesses to get funding for startup, expansion, and marketing of their businesses.

Skilled Trade Training

In Michigan, 80% of contracting firms report having challenges filling salary or hourly skill trade workers. Over the next decade, the problem is expected to get worse exponentially. As State Representative I will make sure that we are investing into programs and technical schools to prepare the next generation for major infrastructure projects, carpentry, plumbing electrical, roofing, drywall, and many other skilled trades so that they are equipped to be employed and have gotten the necessary training to be ready for the skilled trades workforce.

Senior Care

Senior Citizen Task Force

The number of seniors in District 10 is on the rise and many may feel lonely and abandoned by friends and family. I believe that  our elders deserve as much love and companionship as we can give them. Along with supporting programs such as PACE and Detroit Area on Aging Citizens I am forming a community task force of volunteers and will create a visiting program that will be put in place to go out and spend time with our elders, talking to them and checking on their concerns.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a major problem in our community today, therefore we will use the occasion to checking for signs of elder abuse by making sure they are not fearful of their caregivers, making sure they are not left alone for long periods without assistance, making sure they are not being taking advantage of financially and checking for signs of physical abuse.

Social Security Expansion

As State Representative I will stand against any attempt to cut, privatize or dismantle Social Security by raising the age of retirement, diminishing benefits by cutting cost of living adjustments or reducing earned benefits. I will also stand against exorbitant cost for medicine, doctor visits hospitalizations and insurance.

Criminal Justice

School Discipline Reform

African American boys are three times more likely as whites to be suspended from school before the fourth grade. There is a lack of alternatives to suspension and expulsion for children from the inner city. This problem has been exacerbated by the closing of schools in Detroit while sending those children to suburban school districts where they face bias and face expulsions. More disadvantaged schools should be provided with resources and training as opposed to suspending students. Early suspensions and expulsions are the first step on the school to prison pipeline. We will stop supplying prisons with our future generations.

Re-Entry Programing

My office will support existing programming that assist returning citizens in re-entering our community with the highest chance of being successful.

Housing and Job Discrimination

Mass incarceration of black, brown and poor white populations has become a massive problem in the United States.  Over half the countries citizens have a family member who has a criminal record and one third of U.S. Citizens have a criminal record if only minor misdemeanor offense.  This means that millions of Americans are faced with collateral consequences such as job and housing discrimination, as well as problems applying to college and technical trades.  This treatment of returning citizens creates a permanent underclass of unemployable or underemployed individuals which can sometimes lead them back into a life of crime.  These policies actually make our communities less safe.  As State Representative I will continue to advocate for reforming our criminal justice system and giving Americans who deserve it a second chance.

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A Plate for the State Kevin's Birthday Brunch

15 December 2019
11 AM- 2 PM
Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church
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Come join #teamKevin and enjoy a special chicken and waffle brunch prepared by Chef Lowe!  We will be celebrating Kevin’s birthday 🎉 through fellowship and a gourmet meal. Please bring a donation.

About Kevin

Detroit Pastor and Public Policy Activist

Devoted father and husband, Pastor Kevin Harris couldn’t be more proud of his city. After working many years in the community through his non-proft, various ministries and mentorships, Kevin has decided to run for State Representative to help build a stronger Detroit. Kevins main focus is criminal justice reform, enforcing social security benefits for our seniors, encouraging entreprenuership within the community and skilled job training.

Founder of First Solutionz

Co-founder and Executive Director of Nation Outside

Legislative and District Director for State Representative Leslie Love

Senior Pastor of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church

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