Kevin Harris


Redford & Detroit are not only where I work, but where I live and worship. I am dedicated to seeing the economic empowerment of these places I love so much.

Kevin Harris

My Journey to State Representative


Work with State Rep Leslie Love

Kevin Harris has been State Representative Leslie Love’s Principal Representative and staffer for her entire 3 terms in the Michigan State House of Representatives. He has assisted her as she has served with distinction as the Democratic Caucus vice chair, 2nd vice chair, chaplain for the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus, treasurer of the Progressive Women’s Legislative Caucus, and on the Greater Wayne County Caucus. Kevin Harris has also been deeply involved in Representative Love’s community engagements for 4 years scheduling and coordinating her Coffee Hours, Legislative Updates, After Work with the Rep Dinners, community leader discussions, town halls and more.

In his three 3 years as legislative director he was instrumental as Rep Love’s office passed numerous house resolutions, and introduced and co-sponsored bills and passed Legislation.

  • Bipartisan Sexual Assault
  • Drivers’ Responsibility
  • Juvenile justice reform
  • End of life bill packages
  • Civil rights package
  • Credit union act
  • Pay equity
  • Reproductive rights package.


Kevin Harris was born and raised in the City of Detroit. He was an attendee of Detroit Public Schools. The time during his youth and young adulthood posed a lot of peril for young black boys and men in the community. He witnessed failing of the big 3 automakers, white flight, abandonment of the city, public resources being pulled from the city and disinvestment taking place as a whole. The Crack and Heroine epidemics devastated the city; violent crime and homicide rates led the nation; joblessness, depression, alcoholism, and the foreclosure crisis impacted the community greatly and him personally. Because of these challenges he has brought passion and insight to his work in House District 10 through Representative Leslie Love’s office as a staffer. Kevin has an eye for identifying problems and solving them. His wife and daughter are Detroit Residents; She is a V.P. at Comerica Branch and Kaleah Harris is a 5th Grader at FLICS (Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School). He is deeply committed to his City and Community.

Criminal Justice

Mass incarceration is one of the most detrimental policies that impact black, brown and poor white communities in the Nation. Kevin Harris is committed to seeing the end of this policy. As a young man, he was directly impacted by this policy. This experience powerfully impacted Kevin causing him to look deeper into the root causes of these social ills that impacted his community and his life. As the Executive Director of Nation Outside Kevin is dedicated to seeing a significant change in the Michigan Department of Corrections. He has been speaking to young men who are incarcerated for 14 years. He also believes that the school to prison pipeline must end and that resources must stop pouring into the corrections system and start pouring into schools, early education, and prevention. One-Third of all Americans having a criminal record and one half having a family member who has a criminal record, criminal justice reform is an idea whose time has come.


Kevin Harris believes that for the community to be successful, entrepreneurship must be a vital part. He is committed to seeing resources and training being brought to the districts for all people, including youth and seniors. He believes that education regarding the power of consumerism and its impact on a community can help the people out of poverty traps and become self-sufficient.


Tracey Atwater Harris, his wife, Kiara, and Kaleah his daughters are the most important people in his life. He would give everything up in life for their happiness. As a Senior Pastor of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church Kevin Harris believes in the redemption of the Souls of men women and the community. His ministry is impacting thousands in the community who are hungry and homeless. Ultimately he understands that you cannot legislate morality, therefore it is the hearts of men and women whether in the pulpit of the chambers of government that must ultimately change for there to be true justice

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